We are Bear and Pear — a design, illustration and print studio run by creative duo Paul Barrett and Charlotte Perry.

Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, we are a creative studio with a passion for projects which affect positive change.

Specialists in design and illustration, we enjoy working on a broad range of projects: from branding and visual identity, packaging, marketing and wayfinding, to digital and website design. We also love to make and print our own wares by hand in our little studio.

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What’s in a name?

Bear and Pear, not taken from the fauna and flora, but actually derived from the apparent origins of our surnames:

Barrett—deriving from the old French male given name Baraud, ultimately from the Germanic Ber(n)wald, composed of the elements ‘ber(n)’, bear, plus ‘wald’, rule.

Perry—deriving from the Olde English word meaning pear-tree or dweller by a Pear-Tree [Middle English—perye, pirie, pyrie, Old English—pirige].