IMA Sushi

IMA Sushi

Monday August 19, 2019  |  Posted by Charlotte

Oh crab!
Success in the IMA Vegan Sushi art competition

We entered this art competition because we love the companies ethos and it’s aim to help the planet we live on. Ima make vegan sushi in the hope to end overfishing and plastic oceans. With each new product they launch an art competition for artists and makers around the world to enter a design for their packaging. With a tray made from plant plastic and a cardboard sleeve, we think they’re awesome!

We wanted our design to reflect the beauty of the ocean, so we looked into traditional japanese artwork and found beautiful woodcuts of ponds. The line treatment in the water inspired us and became a key influence for one of our designs. We developed a pastel drawing inspired by the linework, composition and the magical storytelling of japanese woodcuts. 

We also looked into beautiful corals and life at the bottom of the sea where crabs crawl. Through sketches, the design developed into layers of coral, rocks and seaweed, this composition suited the long dimensions of the cardboard wrap around. For the final illustration, we used our tablet to create smooth lines and curves digitally. Through colours and textures we aimed to represent the flavour of the sushi, crab. After many tweaks to colour, layout and details we were happy with our illustration!

Ima sushi announced on Instagram that we had been shortlisted, and a few days later, they chose our design! We were very pleased and excited to see our design wrapped around the packaging, and in their London stockists. We hadn’t entered an art competition before, but it proved to be a fun way to get creative and draw something fresh and different; it’s also so rewarding knowing we’re helping an up and coming vegan, worldchanger company like Ima.

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